Perfect day for Track and Field

The students enjoyed an exciting day of track and field events and perfect weather. Thank you to Mr. Mackay, Ms. MacDonald, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Logeman, and Mrs. Snow for helping setup and to run a great event. As well, Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Filewich, and Mrs. Barber for helping to train the participants before the event.





Speech Winners off to District Competition

All of the participants in our school speech contest did an excellent job informing and entertaining the audience. Three young ladies will be representing us at the District Speech contest on Friday, May 20th, Sarah Bianchi with her speech about “A Woman’s Education”, Avalin Alexander speaking about “Tourettes Syndrome”, and Josie Lawlor speaking about “Battery Hens”. Good luck girls!

Speech Winners 2016

Famine Learning a Success

Thank you to everyone who supported the Leadership TEAM’s 24 Hour Famine. The final count is not yet in, but we estimate to have tripled our $500 goal. Not only will we be able to feed nearly 4 children for an entire year, but students learned some important lessons about life in other countries and to be grateful for what we have.

Throughout the sleepover we experienced what it would be like to have the responsibility of walking long distances hauling all drinking water for your family, and how to filter water (as the water collected is often not clean). We also learned about other essential resources and how natural disasters, government and the land can dictate what your country receives. Many students chose to sleep in cardboard boxes to experience what it would be like to have to create your own shelter.





Handgame Champions!

Congratulations to Alwin Holland’s team of Evan Cardinal, Sam Gladue, Leah Harman, Saedra Acko, Ryan Karch, Gavin Forrest, Micha Robinson, Lexi Letawske, and Maddison Nelson who took first place in the school district handgames tournament today!


Fundraising Success

The students, the staff, and the parents from Alwin Holland were busy raising funds for the SPCA and to support Natalya Christian with her Bluey Day participation.  Coin drives, ‘pupsicles’, hot dogs, and popcorn sales were all successful but the opportunity to pie a teacher/administrator was probably the highlight of the month.  An impressive, $1821.11 was raised for the SPCA and $843.00 for Bluey Days.  Well done, Alwin Holland!

Here it comes!

Here it comes!

Mr. MacKay and Darren

Watch out Darren!

Mrs. Gatt

Watch out Mrs. Gatt!

Mrs. Lang

Wow! Mrs. Lang you sure were a good sport.

Mr. MacKay