Ready, Set, Learn!

If you know of any families with children aged 3-4 years of age, please forward them this information. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate an in-school session this year, but have created a fun resource page filled with lots of information to get your young ones ready for pre-school!

A Parade in Reverse – AH Community Event

In April the AH staff drove by your homes and waved and honked. Now it’s your turn! On Wednesday, May 6th the AH staff will be outside (weather permitting) on the sidewalks bordering the school from 2:00-2:45pm. Please come by, honk, wave, shout greetings. (Watch our website and Facebook pages if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.)

While you’re driving by, you can check out the renovations that are in progress.

Jump Rope for Heart – Update

Jump Rope for Heart thank you prizes will be shipped to schools once they reopen. If your child earned a prize and will NOT be attending Alwin Holland in September and you have NOT already been contact by Mrs. Haynes (Jump Coordinator), please email her ( your best contact information. She will contact you with pick up options once the prizes have arrived. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Update to Parents

Dear Parents, 

As we move into our fourth week of learning we just wanted to send a quick update to all of you. 

First off, we wanted to say a big thank you for your patience and understanding as our teachers got their new ‘classrooms’ up and running. It has been a big learning curve for everyone and we are very thankful that parents and students have been so kind and excited to try these new ways of learning. 

Secondly, with our new learning platforms being rolled out, our teachers have been working hard to make sure the students’ safety and privacy are at the forefront of their planning. This includes having passwords to attend online meetings and classrooms, waiting rooms enabled in Zoom meetings and only allowing in students who we know. As we work hard to ensure the safety of our students, we do ask parents to help us ensure the safety and privacy of our teachers and staff members. This would include no recordings, pictures being taken or sharing of these images by both students and parents. We thank you for your cooperation with this. 

Lastly, we would like to recognize that many of our families are struggling during this time. We understand that with households of multiple students, working parents, and the stress during this time, schoolwork can be overwhelming. We want to emphasize that you simply do your best to do what you can. Numeracy, Literacy and Social/Emotional Well-being is the priority and teachers have been focusing on this in their planning. If you are struggling with the amount of work or the content, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher; they are here to support you! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the school if you need any further assistance. Thank you! 

Kind Regards, 

Alwin Holland Admin.