A Few Notes for the 2021/2022 School Year

This school year is not yet finished and we are already beginning to make plans for the 2021/22 school year. Please note the following:
In the past we have accepted parent requests for the placement of their child(ren). Because we only have 8 classes (instead of 16) we are no longer able to take parent requests. We have very few options. We look at everyone’s needs and overall composition when we make classes.
We would like to make plans with accurate information. If you are NOT planning to return to Alwin Holland next year, please contact the office. If you have new families with school-aged children in your neighbourhood, please encourage them to contact the school to register as soon as possible.
Students currently in Grade 6 will be ‘rolled up’ to attend Dr. Kearney Middle School. If you live in the Bert Bowes catchment area and would like your grade 6 child to attend Bert Bowes, contact the AH office.
Registration and catchment area information is available on the district website at: www.prn.bc.ca