School Supplies, Agenda, Etc.

In the spring classroom teachers ordered class sets of school supplies for their students. We are able to get very good bulk purchase prices in order to keep costs down. Parents/guardians then pay the school for these supplies. If you prefer to buy school supplies on your own, you will need to get a list from your child’s teacher. Additional charges for agendas, cultural events and busing still need to be paid.

All students need a separate pair of clean indoor running shoes. (These are not the shoes they wear to school.)

Costs for supplies, agendas, cultural events, busing for field trips are as follows:

Kindergarten – $45
Grades 1 – 5 – $57
Grade 6 – $87  (includes ipad insurance)

Classroom teachers will begin collecting money/cheques on September 18th. Please avoid bringing payment directly to the office. Cheques are made payable to Alwin Holland School.