Additional Catchment Area Meeting

Dear Parents,

The Board of Education is pleased to offer an additional public consultation meeting for the upcoming catchment area changes.  It will take place on Thursday, December 12th at 7pm at Duncan Cran Elementary School

In addition to the three initial scenarios, we have constructed an additional hybrid scenario based on the feedback we have already received.  We will be posting all additional information on the district and school websites by the end of this week. 

Feedback can also be emailed at any time to the following email address: by December 19th.

Volleyball Games

Here are the volleyball games for this week.

Tuesday, November 12
AH Boys A @ Upper Pine 3:00pm
AH Boys B @ Alwin Holland 3:00pm

Thursday, November 14
AH Girls @ Alwin Holland 3:00pm

These will be the last league games of the season. The tournament will be next week with the girls playing Wednesday, November 20th and the boys playing Thursday, Nov 21st. Games will be played at Ma Murray Elementary. They will start at 3:00 pm and run until later that evening. Please let your coach know if your child will be unable to attend the tournament.

Volleyball Games This Week

It’s a busy week for our volleyball teams this week. Here is the schedule.

Tuesday November 5:

Boys A @ Alwin Holland 3:00pm
Boys B @ Prespatou. Bus leaving AH at 2:00. Returning at 5:30.
Girls @ Central 3:00pm

Thursday November 7:

Boys B @ Alwin Holland 3:00pm