Tuesday, March 31st Update

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our teachers are hard at work planning and collaborating to be ready to send out learning opportunities next week. We thank you for your patience at this time as we are all tackling something new and challenging.

This week you can expect to hear from your child’s teacher. If you receive a call from a ‘Private Number’ or ‘Blocked Number’ please answer as some teachers are using the phone option on their individual computers to limit the number of users on our school phones.

Learning opportunities will be made available as early as next week. This will look different between all teachers and may be different based on the learning needs of the student. Regular communication will continue between families and teachers. Next week, we will also be holding pick up times for student’s belongings and supplies. More information to follow.

If you do not hear from your student’s teacher by Tuesday, April 7th please contact the school at 250-785-6125 or alwinholland@prn.bc.ca.


To further our efforts to promote physical distancing and do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 we are closing our playgrounds. Please do not use the equipment. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Alwin Holland Parent Update

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

With spring break coming to an end we are facing some unprecedented times. Due to the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, all in-class instruction has been suspended. School admin has been working with district staff to discuss protocols to ensure that all members of the school community can be kept safe and that learning still occurs throughout these times.

It is critical that the public not try to access the building next week. Next week staff will be putting safety protocols in place and planning for learning activities. Teachers will be in contact with you regarding the picking up of supplies/shoes, returning library books, etc. Please be patient. AH is a large school, and keeping everyone safe is our top priority. 

Next week staff will be planning for the ‘continuity of learning.’ The learning activities that they are planning are not expected to replicate the normal schedule in a classroom. It is not ‘business or learning as usual’ and we ask for your understanding on this. Our teachers will be working hard to create lessons and activities that will enable the students to continue their growth in different areas and to be prepared for when they all return to the classroom. These learning activities may look different from class to class. Many teachers will use online methods of delivery, although we do understand that some families do not have access to the internet or technology devices. In that case, alternate delivery methods will be considered. Teachers will be in contact with you to discuss this further.  

It is very important that we have current and up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses for all students. If you are unsure if we have that on file, or would like to update that information please email alwinholland@prn.bc.ca. Please also share this message with other parents/guardians of our school community as it is critical we reach all members. 

We will post updates on our webpage (holland.prn.bc.ca) and Facebook (Alwin Holland Elementary). Official messages are shared on the district’s website at www.prn.bc.ca.

AH Admin

Classes Suspended

Please continue to watch the district’s website: www.prn.bc.ca for updated information, letters from the province, etc. In-person classes have been suspended. As well, our school is closed to outside user groups.

Below is the post from the superintendent, Stephen Petrucci.

Before/After School Care

We are exploring the possibility of offering before and after school care next year. This service would require parents to register their children and pay a fee. Immediately after Spring Break, we will be contacting our future families to see if there is enough interest to go forward with appropriate renovations, etc. If you are interested, you can let us know sooner by emailing the principal, Jerelyn Orcutt at jorcutt@prn.bc.ca The sooner we know that there is enough interest, the sooner we can move ahead with firm plans.