Reading Challenge Successes

Thank you for helping to support your child/ren with the reading challenge. It has been exciting to see students eager to read and to share their successes with us. We are hopeful that the students and staff are enjoying the adventures they are going on, through the stories that they are reading.

The reading challenge can help to build fluency and comprehension, create a routine for homework, allow students to enjoy a variety of stories, and to work as a team as they travel across Canada. In addition, the students have been learning about the provinces, the capitals, and the symbols of Canada.

Recently I found a site that discussed the importance of reading to your children and I would like to share it with you. Although it is based on reading to children from the ages of 2-5 it also benefits the children at all ages.
1. A stronger relationship with you.
2. Academic excellence.
3. Basic speech skills.
4. The basics of how to read a book.
5. Better communication skills.
6. Mastery of language.
7. More logical thinking skills.
8. Acclimation to new experiences.
9. Enhanced concentration and discipline.
10.The knowledge that reading is fun!

10 Reasons why you should read to your kids

Our reading challenge has been extended to Sunday, Feb. 5th and then all pink and purple papers should be handed in to Mrs. Hartman on Monday, Feb. 6th.