Tuesday, March 31st Update

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our teachers are hard at work planning and collaborating to be ready to send out learning opportunities next week. We thank you for your patience at this time as we are all tackling something new and challenging.

This week you can expect to hear from your child’s teacher. If you receive a call from a ‘Private Number’ or ‘Blocked Number’ please answer as some teachers are using the phone option on their individual computers to limit the number of users on our school phones.

Learning opportunities will be made available as early as next week. This will look different between all teachers and may be different based on the learning needs of the student. Regular communication will continue between families and teachers. Next week, we will also be holding pick up times for student’s belongings and supplies. More information to follow.

If you do not hear from your student’s teacher by Tuesday, April 7th please contact the school at 250-785-6125 or alwinholland@prn.bc.ca.