Griffin Gallery

The Griffin Gallery was open yesterday and it was amazing. Parents/guardians came and saw the most wonderful pieces of art created from completely recycled/reused materials. Here are a few pictures of the gym, more pictures […]

Superintendent’s Report

Good morning everyone: Following is the link to our Superintendent’s Report – May 2023 …

Air Quality

Good morning everyone. There have been a few questions about how we decide on whether or not we are inside for these smokey days. Our District Safety Supervisor has given us the Environment Canada site […]

Reminder about dropping off children

Just a reminder, please take special care when using the parking lot area for drop off and pick up.  Many students are walking through that space to get to the bike racks and the playground.  […]

The Griffin Gallery

  Put your thinking cap on and get ready to make something from empty soup cans, yogurt containers, old towels, newsprint, cardboard, glass etc.  Brainstorm for ideas of things you can make with your family […]

Calendar of May and June events

Parent/Guardian information for May and June Plans for May and June are in the works – here is a tentative schedule, as always, things do come up and things may need to change but we […]

Superintendent’s report

Good morning everyone: Following is the URL for our Superintendent’s Report for April 2023 …