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  • Jump Rope for Heart – Update

    Jump Rope for Heart thank you prizes will be shipped to schools once they reopen. If your child earned a prize and will NOT be attending Alwin Holland in September and you have NOT already […]

  • Update to Parents

    Dear Parents,  As we move into our fourth week of learning we just wanted to send a quick update to all of you.  First off, we wanted to say a big thank you for your […]

  • 10:00 AM Story Time!

    If you haven’t seen this yet, some of our awesome teachers in the district have been doing a 10:00 am read aloud! No matter what your age, sometimes it’s just nice to listen to a […]

  • ADST – Metal Rose Project

    A second project from our District ADST group! Make sure to send up some pictures of your finished projects to alwinholland@prn.bc.ca! Have fun!