• Upcoming Dates for Sports

    Cross Country Running

    Wednesday September 25th – Upper Pine. The bus will be leaving Alwin Holland shortly after 12:00pm and returning to school around 2:30 pm.

    Wednesday, October 2nd – Surerus Run. The bus will leave Alwin Holland shortly after 2:30 pm.

  • Badminton Practice – Grade 4 to 6

    Grade 4 to 6
    Badminton practices will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 8 am.  A tournament will take place later in the year. Also, listen to announcements for some lunchtime practices as well.

  • Grade 4 – 6 Basketball Starts Early January

    We will be starting shooting practice for basketball this week.  Listen for announcements about when your grade will have an opportunity to shoot baskets.  Official practices will start in the New Year and league play will start mid-January.

  • Volleyball Practice Times


    Grade 5/6 Girls
    Grade 5/6 Boys
    Grade 4 Boys
    Grade 4/5 Girls

    Tuesday Lunch
    Monday Lunch
    Monday 3 PM
    Wednesday 3 PM

    Thursday 3 PM
    Thursday 8 AM
    Thursday Lunch
    Friday 8 AM

    More information about game times will be posted soon.

  • Track and Field Day

    Although the field was wet and the sky was grey the students showed off their skills in a both track and field events. Thank you to Mr. Mackay for all of his hard work in organizing the day and for his class for all of their help.

  • District Badminton 2017 Champions!

    Sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and perseverance lead to an outstanding performance on Thursday on Friday at the District Badminton tournament for our Alwin Holland athletes! We had numerous winners in singles and doubles and as a team we won.

  • Good Luck to our Badminton Team- April 27 & 28th

    Our Badminton team will be heading to NPSS after school on Thursday and all day on Friday to compete in the district tournament. Thank you to Mr. Mackay and Ms. MacDonald for all of their hard work in coaching this team.

  • Basketball Play Days for grade 4

    Thank you to Miss Duncan, Mrs. Morrison, and Mr. Brown for coaching our grade 4 basketballs teams this season. The grade 4 boys will be playing Tuesday and the grade 4 girls will be playing Wednesday at Ecole Central in some fun play days.

  • AH Basketball Teams Win District Tournaments

    Thank you to our coaches Mr. Mackay, Mrs. Dutchak, Ms. MacDonald, Mrs. Snow, Mr. Dyke, and Mrs. Hartman for supporting our four basketball teams all season and for taking them to the district basketball tournaments on Thursday and Friday.