• Girls’ Volleyball Tournament on Tuesday, November 22nd

    Good luck to both our our girls’ teams who will be representing Alwin Holland at the District Volleyball tournament on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd at North Peace Secondary School. The tournament will begin at 3:30pm and go until they are finished.

  • Soccer Tournaments at Alwin Holland

    We are excited to be hosting the boys’ and the girls’ soccer tournaments at Alwin Holland on Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st. The senior boys will play on Friday at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00pm with a final at 6:10pm.

  • Congratulations to our Badminton Winners!

    The students did very well at the District Badminton Tournament, taking 2nd place as a team, with many first, second, and third place winners. Thanks to our coaches, Mr. Mackay and Ms. MacDonald for all of the extra hours they put in to support our team.

  • Perfect day for Track and Field

    The students enjoyed an exciting day of track and field events and perfect weather. Thank you to Mr. Mackay, Ms. MacDonald, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Logeman, and Mrs. Snow for helping setup and to run a great event.

  • Badminton Success for Alwin Holland

    The team played well and achieved much success, taking 2nd Place overall. More results will be posted once ribbons arrive and pictures can be taken!

  • Alwin Holland Boys Win Basketball Tournament!

    It was a hard fought victory as Mr. Mackay’s boys lost their first game and dropped into the ‘B’ side. They went on to win the next 6 consecutive games and defeated Christian Life in the final.

  • Basketball Jamboree Wind-up

    A great way to finish the year of basketball. It was a lot of fun for all the players involved.